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(Women in POP) NEAV, a rising star that can dig into your emotion and you can’t say no!


Picture: NEAV (NEAV's Facebook Page)


“Say one thing about NEAV, she can absolutely SING.” - Tommy Faith, Triple J Unearthed
"NEAV has star power." - Declan Byrne, Triple J


Niamh Watson, known as NEAV, is the alter-ego of a gifted young singer/songwriter from the Central Coast. The 18-year-old, the most rising star, NEAV has received many compliments from reputable music sites such as The Rolling Stone Australia, Triple J etc. Two of NEAV's recent music videos have been featured on MTV Upload, and she was recently labelled "an exceptional young artist" by Rolling Stone Australia. A spectacular success for an 18-year-old emerging star!

NEAV is signed to ORiGiN Music Publishing (publishing home of Gotye, Megan Washington, Lior) and Sydney-based boutique independent record label Double Drummer (Greta Stanley, Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird, Dominic Breen). NEAV has been hitting the stage with some of the most talented Australian artists, such as Greta Stanley, Dan Sultan, Pierce Brothers and so on, at some of the biggest festivals Australia-wide and earning her worthy praises.

NEAV intensely found herself immersed in a mash-up of genres such as electronic, indie and pop. NEAV has been working with the top Australian producers to create her own music genre. She found a sweet spot by contrasting personal storytelling, dark lyrics and dark pop tunes that hold deep and meaningful undertones with a dash of hope yet innocent pop sounds that provoke darker moods and emotions.

Picture: NEAV (NEAV's Facebook Page)

NEAV released her debut EP, "ELEGY", in November 2022. "ELEGY" has marked a significant turning point in her professional music career with the Double Drummer label. NEAV expressed that she wanted to challenge herself to be more vulnerable and dig deeper into her inner music perspectives to bring out the best artistic side of NEAV. Two songs from her debut EP won the contemporary/pop category of the national Australian Songwriters Association Awards. The songs were 'Silence Song' in 2020 and 'Tragic Drama' in 2021.

ELEGY was exceptionally well produced. The EP was a collection of life experiences, a reflection of youth and the lives of those she is closest to. The production team behind this EP has done an excellent job by vibing the rhythms to showcase NEAV's edgy, unique and authentic voice, which brings a beautiful, pleasant feeling yet dark meaning tunes like pouring honey drops to the audience's ears. The EP would also catch the emotions of people suffering or experiencing the feeling of loss, love and self-love as well. If listeners are escaping from themselves, they will find some pieces of themselves in this song.

A beautiful experience that you don't want to miss out!

ELEGY is out now!

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