Our Services

From our signature 8-Week Artist Foundations Program to Digital Marketing and Social Media Management, we have something for every stage of any artist's career. Not sure what service is best for you? Feel free to reach out. 

8 Week Artist Foundations Program

Our most popular service, this intensive personalised 8-week artist foundations program sees musicians define the foundations of their careers for success. See more >

Industry Consultation

Personalised artist consultations that offer specialised and current music industry advice for musicians and small business owners. Learn more >

Digital Marketing

At JYMG we believe that the key to a successful release includes digital marketing through social media, Spotify, Youtube and so much more!

Learn more >

Event Management 

JYMG curates strong, career-defining shows for their clients that see us take the venue and line up booking, promotion and ticketing into our experienced hands. Learn more >

3 Month Mentoring Program

Our 3-month program is a specialised program specifically designed to follow on from our 8 Week Artist Foundations Program. Learn more >

Career Auditing 

Our auditing services by active artist managers provide feedback on social media, branding and release plans that are relevant to the current music industry. Learn more >

Social Media Management

 We work closely with our clients to combine the music and the brand to create a social media strategy that encompasses social media vision, timeline and schedule to make the most out of your time with Social Media. Learn more >

Artist Management 

Our artist management clients are those ready to break through the ceiling and make career-defining moves with the support of full-time management.  This service is offered at the discretion of our managers and your career's suitability to justify full time management. Learn more >


What Our Clients Say


Gemma , This Space is Ours 

You are so well-spoken and so naturally good at teaching and getting us to open up our minds and brainstorm. We will definitely be working with you in the future, depending on what our budget allows.