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Melbourne pop-punk band Ellis Ares 'Not 4 Sale' review

Four-piece Melbourne-based band Ellis Ares released their latest single on 10th March, Not 4 Sale, being their first release of 2023. The band formed in 2021 and started quickly by releasing their debut single in 2022 Sundresses. Gaining much success they landed a sponsorship deal from Moon Dog Fizzer and hosted a launch party at The Gasometer Hotel. Ellis Ares is releasing punk-rock singles with socially conscious messages with the band's brand following pulling apart the toxic masculinity and patriarchal standards put upon many boys and men. Their music also features topics of feminism and equality.

Their latest single Not 4 Sale instantly draws you in, with a strong catchy chorus sung by the band's lead singer Alex Carpi. Combining a boomy guitar and drum line, Not 4 Sale is the ultimate punk-rock single.

Music producer at Triple J Unearthed Sara Glaidous describes the song as an “Immediate headbanger”!

Ellis Ares has created a single that is set to catch the attention of many fans across the Australian music scene.

The band's next single ‘Porcelain’ is set to be released 21st of April 2023.

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