Our Philosophy 

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At JY Management Group our philosophy sees us work closely with our clients to guide them towards the successful careers they desire. JY Management Group works tirelessly to build their careers through solidifying their brand, music and values to stand independently within the music industry. 


We offer a personalised, supportive and honest approach to management, providing our clients with effective and quality-driven services that will solidify their career for the long term. Our team works tirelessly in conjunction with our clients and a handpicked client specific team of industry professionals to push their music careers to its maximum potential. 

As a business, we pride ourselves on efficiency, quality and overall ability to bring our clients the best possible opportunity at growing to stand independently within the entertainment industry and achieve their goals. 


The Team Behind JYMG

JY Management Group was founded in 2015 by Jaz Yates out of the idea to create a compelling university application to get into an Entertainment Management Bachelor. From kicking that application out of the park to kicking all the goals in between, JY Management Group is now a rapidly growing Artist Management and Events business building artist careers across genres.

The team at JY Management Group provide a personalised, dedicated and supportive community for all of our clients. We help every one of them transition from aimlessly throwing money, time and effort into a career that isn't wielding them the success that they are after. Helping them streamline and target their careers for optimal success is our number one objective. 

We are a growing team that works endlessly to strategies, research, network and build the careers of our clients until every one of their goals has been achieved.

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