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8 Week Music

Foundations Program

We are celebrating 5 years of JYMG in style and GIVING AWAY 5 of our 8 week artist foundations programs this month! It will be the ONLY time we do it so apply now!​


Its been 5 years! 

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What does the program do?!

  • Sets YOUR music release up for music industry success

  • Collaborate with active artist managers on achievable goals

  • Plan an EFFECTIVE release strategy

  • Define your branding/style/vibe tailored to YOUR music and audience

  • Develop an EFFECTIVE social media strategy

  • Receive relevant music industry advice

  • Receive connection to contacts to build your career

  • LEARN about some of the elements of the music industry that run behind the scenes

  • Receive bonus tools relating to the weekly content


Vermont | JY Management Group

​BASICALLY?? We get YOU music industry ready! 

Have you been asking yourself...

- How do I even release successfully in today's music industry climate? 

- Why isn't my release doing so well, I thought we had everything set up perfectly!

- How do I get my career away from this "glass ceiling" i feel like we are at? 

pssst... it's okay, we've got all these answers! 

8 wk- know more 1

The Breakdown:

  • An initial free 30-minute call to assess your program suitability

  • Four in-person/online meetings (between 1 to 2 hours)

  • Membership access to weekly content with guided homework

  • 10+ bonus' to complement your sessions

  • 24/7 Private Facebook chat 

  • Progress scalers, support and follow up on weekly objectives

  • Release specific music industry contact connections

Want to know what's in the 8 weeks? See here >

Abe from Bad Juju | JY Management Group
Bad Juju | JY Management Group

The Program's JAM PACKED Weekly Outline

Week 1: Goal setting and Artist assessment

Week 2: Artist audit, Release strategy

Week 3: Release strategy, Defining your branding

Week 4: Brand fine-tuning, Release timeline

Week 5: Brand voice, Release specific audiences

Week 6: Your social media strategy

Week 7: Social Media Timeline, Live show consultation

Week 8: Final Wrap up Consultation, Networking connections

Ongoing: Support, JYMG promotion, connection to JYMG community

8 wk- weekly outline

Program Allumni Feedback: 


"This program changed our band forever in the best way possible. We were playing shows and releasing music for years will little success and since JYMG's program, we have seen crazy growth in our band. We now stand as competition without our genre/scene!"


About the program

At JYMG we are passionate and dedicated to helping musicians build strong, successful and lasting careers. Our 8-week Music Foundations Program aims to help step our clients through their next release and build them towards being the best marketable product for their career growth.


We support and guide our clients through defining their long term goals, creating industry-relevant release plans, build their branding and social media strategies and so much more. Interested in knowing more? See here >


Abe from Bad Juju | JY Management Group
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