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Coaching, supporting and advising the musicians of the future.

Music Feedback

Need a honest second opinion on your career? we offer industry relevant career advice guided by your questions or interests. 


Want to ensure your latest release, show or merch line is seen online? Let our team market it online for you!

8 week music   Careeer program

Built to guide new and emerging musicians build the right foundations for a successful release.

Other Services

From monthly mentorships, artist career auditing and artist management we have something to suit every stage of a music career.  

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About Us

JY Management Group is a Music Management and Events business, building the careers of musicians across genres. We offer a personalised, supportive and honest approach to management, providing our clients with effective and quality-driven services that will solidify their career for the long term. Our team works tirelessly in conjunction with our clients and a handpicked client specific team of industry professionals, to push their music careers to its maximum potential. 


Our Clients

Our Clients
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