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Youth Groupwork:
8 Week Music Business
Foundations Program


THANK YOU for clicking through to our overview for our young people groupwork tailoring our 8-week program to young people and communities across Australia. 

I am the founder of JY Management Group and have been a manager for new and emerging artists now for the past 5 years. I have worked closely with clients to build their careers towards gaining Spotify playlisting, Triple j play, Rage and MTV slots, festival slots and support slots for international artists. Our 8 week Music Business Foundations Program is designed to guide our musicians through the foundations they need for a steady and successful career.

To give you a brief overview, I have detailed how our 8-week program operates group work format. Each groupwork opportunity is open to discussion about the best way to link it to your community and young people.


Thanks for your time,

Jaz Yates | Owner of JY Management Group 

Let's cut to the chase...

Groupwork Overview

- Based on a term by term basis with 3 availabilities for Term 1 still available 

- Group's of maximum 5 for young people between 16 to 25 years 

- Our 8-week artist foundation program is tailored to your community and you

- All participants will have access to 4 face to face group session with their program facilitator, an active artist manager 

- All participants will receive access to our 8-week program membership platform 

- All participants will receive relevant industry contacts 

- All participants will have 24/7 chat access directly to their program facilitator, a  active artist manager 

- Participants will walk away: 

- Confident about their next release 

- Have goals and timelines for the next 3 years of their career 

- Be confident about their branding and image for the success of their career 

- Have social media and marketing strategy for the success of their next release 


About the program

At JYMG we are passionate and dedicated to helping musicians build strong, successful and lasting careers. Our 8-week Music Foundations Program aims to help step our clients through their next release and build them towards being the best marketable product for their career growth.


We support and guide our clients through defining their long term goals, creating industry-relevant release plans, build their branding and social media strategies and so much more. Interested in knowing more? See here >


Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: Face to face meeting, Goal setting and Artist assessments

Week 2: Artist audits provided, Release strategy development

Week 3: Face to face meeting, Release strategy finalised, intro into defining your branding

Week 4: Brand fine-tuning, Release timeline

Week 5: Face to face meeting, Intro into Brand voice, Intro into release specific audiences

Week 6: Social media strategy's

Week 7: Face to face meeting, Social Media Timeline's, Intro into Live show

Week 8: Final Wrap up Consultation, Networking connections, JYMG community connection



About Us 

Female founded and run, JY Management Group (JYMG) is an inclusive and diverse space educating, mentoring and building the careers of musicians across Australia. 

Jaz and her team have built the careers of musicians across multiple genres, gaining them triple j play, festival slots, MTV and Rage play, major support slots, sold-out shows, label and booking agent interest and so much more.  

Program Alumni Testimonial


The 8-week program with JY Management Group completely changed how our band operates and culminated in the most successful release we've put together so far. The program helped us define how we wanted our band to be branded and presented to both the general public and the industry. Working with JY Management Group has given us the tools and contacts we need to be the best band we've ever been and set out to achieve even bigger goals in 2021

specialise in 

Rock, Alt Rock, Pop Punk, Alternative, RnB, Soul, Heavy, Pop, Indie Pop

got more 


Contact us directly. 



0401 297 199

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