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8 Week Music

Foundations Program


THANK YOU for clicking through to our industry press page, I am so thankful you took the time to look into my business further. 

As you would know, we would LOVE to connect with you and your community about everything the music industry and beyond. To be clear with you, we would love to discuss the 8-week music foundations program BUT honestly, I would love to discuss anything.

To not waste my time or yours I have included below some conversation topics we could discuss on your platform. These are very broad and open to conversations, all other ideas are welcome also- I just want to CONNECT. All press types from the podcast, Q and A's and filmed interviews are encouraged. And while you're thinking on this, let us know how WE can help YOU! Thanks so much for your time, Jaz 


Let's cut to the chase...


- Do's and don'ts in "making it" in the music scene

- How to Network and get those shows you want 

- How to build up the best foundations for the success of your career. 

- Common mistakes artist's make that the music industry sees

- How to Self Manage your music career 

- How to make 2021 count 

- How to be a successful artist on a budget

- Must have artist tools for success

- What is musician branding?

- Why management? 

- How COVID-19 has changed the industry and what to do to make the most of it.


And so much more! 

Got an idea? Send it through to us! We'd love to hear from you.


About the program

At JYMG we are passionate and dedicated to helping musicians build strong, successful and lasting careers. Our 8-week Music Foundations Program aims to help step our clients through their next release and build them towards being the best marketable product for their career growth.


We support and guide our clients through defining their long term goals, creating industry-relevant release plans, build their branding and social media strategies and so much more. Interested in knowing more? See here >


Program Benefits:

  • Set your music release up for music industry success

  • Collaborate on achievable goals

  • Plan an effective release strategy

  • Define your branding tailored to your music and audience

  • Develop an effective social media strategy

  • Receive relevant music industry advice and connection to contacts

  • Receive bonus tools relating to the weekly content



Program Alumni



The 8-week program guided:  

- Release their debut  EP

- Archive Music Video Rage Play 

- Spotify playlisting 

+ more 



The 8-week program guided:  

- Release their debut  Single

- Define the branding and social media message of the project 

- Define the future direction of the project

+ more 



We're currently in the middle of another round of the program- see their stories here soon


we specialise in 


Pop Punk 




Indie Pop

Hip Hop



Interested in talking more about connecting together? We'd love to hear from you!

got more 


Contact us directly. 



0401 297 199

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