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Intern Review: DIVE by Molly Rocket

Rating: 4/5 For fans of Violent Soho, The Pixies, Sonic Youth and Nirvana… introducing Molly Rocket!

Hailing from the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide, the four piece alt rock group create “tunes your mother would have moshed to in 1994” and their latest single DIVE is exactly that. Whilst Molly Rocket are fresh in the Adelaide scene, they have wasted no time establishing themselves within the local live circuit. Following a string of shows, and the success of their previous single Kiss You Dead, Molly Rocket’s latest release DIVE offers a high energy amalgamation of distorted vocals, grooving drums, catchy guitar & bass riffs- all the ingredients required for an ideal Aussie road trip anthem. There’s no shortage of incredible emerging talent coming out of Adelaide, but Molly Rocket’s high energy, feel-good sound has particularly captured the interest of triple j taste-makers, garnering reviews from the likes of Claire Mooney, Dave Ruby Howe and Declan Byrne. The band consists of Ben on rhythm guitar, Joe on drums, Ella on lead/bass and Georgie on vocals/bass and guitar. A band that’s got ladies to the front and rocking like there’s no tomorrow. We can’t wait to hear more sonic gems from Molly Rocket in 2022! Listen to Molly Rocket on Spotify Follow Molly Rocket on Instagram Molly Rocket on Triple j Unearthed

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