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"Existentialism" by Bridget Allan - Album Review

From the Mornington Peninsula, Bridget Allan is an indie/jazz influenced singer-songwriter, boasting an impressive back-catalogue of four full length albums. Her most recent February 2022 release (and fourth album) Existentialism is a poignant collection of 12 tracks that traverse themes of introspection, anguish and resilience. Bridget’s songwriting on Existentialism offers an observant critique of the world around her to a backdrop of sparse, thoughtfully considered instrumental arrangements and delivered in her idiosyncratic lilting voice that is reminiscent of both Florence Welch and Georgia Maq.

Currently Bridget studies a Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne, specializing in Interactive Composition. Bridget is a familiar face in the local Melbourne music scene, having supported the likes of Teenage Dads, Slowly Slowly, and The Hard Aches. She currently collaborates with producers Jordan Finlay (Teenage Dads) and Calvin Lauber (Julien Baker) on her original music, which has been well received on Melbourne community radio (SYN, Triple R, PBS) and Triple J Unearthed- garnering praise reviews for the final track on her album “We Always Have To Say Goodbye.”

“Expressive and so wonderfully delivered, love this dreamy melody on this beat driving forward. Lots of nuance and lovely texture in this. Thanks BA!” - Steph Hughes (4.5/5 Stars)
“I am hearing the jazz influence in the way those melodies sit over those guitars. I am here for this angsty, modal indie.” - Max Quinn (3.5/5 Stars)

This album is best listened to in solitude with some scented candles, or on those lengthier public transport commutes. We recommend Bridget Allan’s Existentialism for fans of ambient post-rock, soft grunge and downtempo indie-jazz. Brooke’s Favourite Tracks: “I Find No Joy in The World Around Me” “Stressful Existential” “My Blue Blanket” “We Always Have To Say Goodbye”

Bridget’s fourth album 'Existentialism' is available everywhere! All Streaming Platforms Triple j Unearthed

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